CODS is a global community made for Chemistry Olympiad participants

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Our Mission is to make Competitive Chemistry more...


by leveling out the playing field of competitive chemistry, we hope to increase the standards of Chemistry Olympiads.


to a wider audience. We run four annual competitions for anyone around the world to compete in and provide guides for anyone to get started.


for everyone by providing guides for all levels of participants. We also provide high quality custom study resources to asssist your journey.

What is CODSite for?

CODSite is an all-purpose website made for our community (competitive Chemistry enthusiasts). Everything on CODSite is free to use for anybody, no sign-ups or memberhsip required. We provide custom open educational resources such as lectures, detailed notes, useful websites, problem sets, guides, tools, and all of our past competition papers. Anything a chemistry freak could dream of lies within this website.

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CODSite was made by our community and staff members on the CODServer. If you would like to contribute, visit our Github

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