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Active Staff Members

Elizabeth Davis (AyameElizaSuzuki#6175), USA

Elizabeth leads CODS's Outreach initiative and has run its online community since 2019.She is currently studying Pharmaceutical Studies at The Ohio State University and is an avid Buckeye fan.In her free time, she enjoys singing, gaming, working out, and volunteering.You can often find her hanging out in the CODS Discord so please stop by!

CODS Sectors: Outreach, Competition administration, Discord

Ihor Kholomieiev (Igeru#8910), Ukraine

An avid competition writer since Fall 2021, Ihor first joined the staff team in 2022.He is an IChO 2021 silver medalist and received multiple awards in his national olympiad.He was a student in the National University of Kyiv where he did research in organic chemistry before transferring to the University of Groningen.Aside from chemistry, he enjoys cooking and watching random YouTube videos.

CODS Sectors: Lectures

Dillion Lim (TheOrangeJuice#8426), Singapore

Dillion started off his journey with research in environmental chemistry, going so far as to participate in the International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF).He has ventured into Chemistry Olympiads and helps to mentor students. He also enjoys writing questions - you will see him writing a fair few questions in CODSCompetitions.He firmly believes in the need for equitable access to quality resources, and thereby joined CODS in 2022 to help realise this dream for others.Aside from chemistry, he enjoys programming and playing the piano.

CODS Sectors: Resources

Kwanwoo Park (fizzest#0001), USA

I'm a mysterious person

CODS Sectors: Organizational Head

Nicolai Bogø Stabell (Stabell#6680), Denmark

Nicolai joined the staff team in 2020 as a competitions writer and later became head of competitions in 2021.He has a background in physical chemistry from Technical University of Denmark where he also did research.Besides CODS, he also mentors students in The Danish Chemistry Olympiad and has produced the highest number of national team members.In his free time, he enjoys skiing, gaming and puzzles.

CODS Sectors: Competitions, Writers, and Organization Administration.

Jeremy Tinana (Jerdan1980#8056), USA

Jeremy was part of CODS's initial admin team of 2018, and now works mainly on updating and maintaining the website and discord features.He has bachelor degrees in (generalized) Chemistry and Computer Science from the University of Florida.Aside from chemistry, Jeremy is a passionate reader, gamer, and cook.

CODS Sectors: Software Development

Inactive Staff Members

Staff MemberContact InformationAdditional Information
Alec ZhuDiscord: apc1234567#2989IChO Gold ('19 and '20 Camper)
Anugrah ChemparathyDiscord: llamachemist#3917IChO Gold ('19 and '20 Camper)

Retired Staff Members

Staff MemberContact Information
Philip JeongDiscord: burts bees cucumber mint#2331
Dan NiDiscord: dan.k.memes#5912

Competitions Writers

  • Ihor Kholomieiev
  • bluepianist#9293
  • Lasse Johnson
  • Lin Bigom-Eriksen
  • Anathan Sadagopan
  • Ron Shprints
  • Qiyang Zhao
  • Nick Ouyang
  • Nick Tsao
  • Thomas Falkenberg
  • Tomasz Ślusarczyk

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